Construction of the hospiz shelter

„I made a start in anno domini 1386.“
Heinrich Findelkind

Findelkind the idealist achieved that which almost nobody believed possible. He began building the Hospiz in 1386.

The shelter had to be finished before the winter came. As soon as the snow started to melt, Heinrich began the construction work on 24 June 1386. In future, nobody should be a victim of the mountain. With his limited assets (15 guilders) the shelter was ready enough for him to be able to spend the winter on the mountain.

Every evening he went out looking for people in need of assistance. In that first year Heinreich saved the lives of seven persons. The rescued people gave him generous donations for further improvements to the shelter.

His longstanding faithful companion, Ulrich Nossek from St. Gallen, originally a knight, weary of battle and war, joined Heinrich Findelkind in his efforts to save lives. In the next few years they were able to save the lives of more than 50 people. The mighty Arlberg had lost some of its horror through the efforts of Heinrich and his helpers.

In view of his service to mankind Duke Leopold IV conferred on Heinrich the right to bear a coat of arms.