Our credo

Our credo is to help. In accordance with Heinrich Findelkind the founder’s motto from 1386, „how good and pleasant it is to be at peace with brothers“, the Brotherhood tries to help wherever it can.

„The swineherd’s initiative: that was the beginning. The initiative for this aid organization did not come from an emperor or king, nor from any prince or wealthy nobility or bishop. In the beginning there was only a nobody of society, an outsider, an orphan. And it is this signal from the depths, this simple desire to help, without support from power and possessions, without thought of career, advantage or image, this is what is fascinating. Even a civil community with heart still needs actions and movements of sympathy and of help that come from below. The swineherd’s initiative is always stil needed.“

Former Bishop of Tyrol and past President of the Brotherhood, Dr. Reinhold Stecher, on the occasion of the 625th celebration of the Brotherhood in July 2011.

Our Values

The conduct of the Brotherhood and its members is in step with the christian brotherly love. Amongst members of the Brotherhood a culture exists which values the personal connections and exchanges.


Our highest priority is the financial aid of those families with many children who have fallen into hardship through no fault of their own.

Purpose and Goals

 Because of the fact that financially stressed families who can't afford their own daily nesessity exist in our affluent society, our vision is the non-bureaucratic help for Families with children in need.