Expositurleiter: Father Jodok Müller, Lech


I was born in 1959 in Immenstadt, Allgäu, Volksschule in Reizlern, Kleinwalsertal, Gyminasium in Bregenz, Matura 1978, Medicine/Healer apprenticeship in Gießen 1979-1981, Theology in Innsbruck 1981 – 1986, Pastoral Seminar, Deacon in Innsbruck 1987, Pastoral year in Klaus (Vbg.), Priest in Götzis, first mass on 04.06.1989 in Reizlern, Vicar in Bregenz, st. Gallus 1989 – 1992, vicar in Bludenz Heilig Kreuz 1992 – 1994, Manager of the Krankenhousseelsorge in LKH Feldkirch 1994 – 2000, since March 2001 priest in Lech.

Because of the history, the goals and motivation of the community, and the family Werner, who convinced me that it would be a good opportunity.

Because the priests of the Arlberg region have special responsibilities and duties to this area.

Fast, direct, spontaneous assistance that often times lands in the hands of those in need the following day.

Connecting Tirol/Vorarlberg, new membership, and team work with other charitable organizations in both countries.

Brotherhood’s help was especially important? The youth centers in Lech and St. Anton have had a profound impact on their communities. The spontaneous help given to a small boy from Vorarlberg, without which his dream could not have been fulfilled. The needed renovation of an apartment to make it wheelchair-accessible for children in my congregation.