Member: Thomas Brändle, Stuben

Member: Thomas Brändle, Stuben

I was born in 1967 in Lustenau, married, 3 sons, Volkschule in Langen a. A., Gymnasium Mehrerau in Bregenz, Gastgewerbefachschule Bludenz, spent various seasons abroad and at home, in 2000 took over management of the Hotel Albona and became self-employed, in 2002 I purchased the Hotel Post in Stuben.

My father, Karl Heinz, brought me into the Brotherhood and told me all about it. His spark of inspiration has been passed on to me and I want to continue to work on these great projects to help people in need.

I believe that charitable thoughts were already given to me in my crib. I have always been someone, even in my youth, who looked out for those less fortunate in society. That’s why I was so overjoyed when I was accepted to the Brotherhood. Here I can continue in our founder’s, Heinrich Findelkind, footsteps and help people by being there for them when they need it most.

In my opinion, the three biggest strengths of the Brotherhood are: one: its ability to provide quick and effective help to those in need without any bureaucracy; two: in the frugality of the administration to ensure that contributions are truly sent to those who need it; and three: of course the close community of brothers and sisters that makes up the Brotherhood.

Brotherhood’s help was especially important? Personally, I am extremely proud of the entire Brotherhood. Whether small or large, each contribution is important and helps real people that have suffered. For example, deciding to support the Arlberg-Straßentunnel orphans was a very important decision that surely contributed to the prosperous future of the Brotherhood.