Fire and reconstruction

In 1955 the Hospiz was purchased by the industrialist Arnold Ganahl from Feldkirch. For reasons unknown, the old Hospiz and the chapel were destroyed by fire in the night of 6 January 1957. As painful as the loss of the old chapel and the Hospiz may have been, this was also the signal for a new beginning.

In 1959 the new Hospiz hotel was finished, but next to it were still the sad ruins of the chapel.

Arnold Ganahl, Stefan Kruckenhauser (Brotherhood Master from 1962-1964) and chaplain Richard Robin looked for ways to rebuild the chapel and thought about the re-establishment of the old brotherhood.

While searching for original documentation about the old brotherhood, chaplain Richard Robin visited the rectory of St. Jakob. There he found important documentation, including the famous papal edict granted by Pope Boniface IX to build the chapel, and the deed of donation issued by Duke Leopold III of Austria regarding the construction of the hostel, as well as several letters of indulgence. Based on the ambitions of the original brotherhood, the aims of the new brotherhood were defined. First of all, point 1 of the brotherhood’s aims must be achieved, namely reconstruction of the chapel.

In the autumn of 1961 the chapel had been restored, Arnold Ganahl having provided the initial financial support.

The former bishop of Tyrol, Dr. Paulus Rusch, authorized the re-establishment of the brotherhood by decree dated 3 October 1961. The new chapel was consecrated on 7 January 1962.

After the ceremonial consecration of the chapel, new members of the brotherhood were initiated. With the reconstruction of the Hospiz Hotel and the chapel in 1962, a new era began for the Brotherhood.