The Brotherhood today

The Brotherhood is one of the largest charitable institutions in the alpine region and has more members than ever before. The success of the Brotherhood is closely linked to the Werner family who have been managing the Brotherhood for over fifty years in an honorary capacity and are tireless in their efforts to enroll members into the good works.

Since 1962 it has been possible to help thousands of families in financial difficulties with donations totalling more than € 12 million. Brotherhood Master is the Tyrolean hotelier Adi Werner. Together with his wife Gerda he runs the organization in an honorary capacity. The Bishop of  Vorarlberg, Dr. Benno Elbs from Feldkirch, is President of the Brotherhood.

Membership in the Brotherhood has risen rapidly: When Adi Werner took over the running of the Brotherhood in 1964, there were 126 members. Since 1977 every year at least 500 new Sisters and Brothers have been enrolled.

Among the members there are also prominent members from the fields of politics, industry, culture and the European aristocracy.