Abt German Erd, Stift Stams


I was born in 1948 in Breitenwant, Gymnasium Meinhardinum with Matura, Studied Theology, English and American Studies in Salzburg and Oxford, 1974 Preisterweihe in Stift Stams, Teacher and child worker at the Gymnasium Stams, 2002 – 2011 Director of the Gymnasiums Stams, Hofrat, 1986 – 2002 Pastor in Obsteig, since 2003 Abt of Stiftes Stams, since 2007 Chairman of the Stiftngsrates der Kirchlichen Pädagogischen Hochschule-Edith Stein.

Because I believe that the historic legacy of Heinrich Findelkind, especially in our modern times, should be preserved. Also providing assistance void of bureaucracy and in the name of helping those in need appeals to me.

Because I find joy in working with such motivated and honorable people whose vision so closely align to my pastoral beliefs.

The strengths of the Brotherhood lie in its ability to recognize emergencies and act quickly and efficiently to help those in need.

The communication with members could be intensified. Also the Christian beliefs on which this Brotherhood is founded could be made clearer and discussed more openly. Currently a lot is done on the basis of these Christian values nonetheless they could be brought more to the forefront of our projects.

The spontaneous help provided to the victims of the flood in Unterinntal last summer was very impressive. After one letter, sent to all members, the brotherhood was able to raise EUR 100.000.