Donation projects

Thanks to the annual donations of our sisters and brothers, we achieved since 1977 to May 2014, the large donations totaling 14.1 million euros. The donations will be used for educational scholarships for children and young people, social emergencies, accidents and disasters.

Donations for Flood Victims

Large Donation for the Flood Victims in Kössen from the Brotherhood St. Chrstoph. Hand off through Abt German Erd from Stift Stams and Adolf Werner, St. Christoph

Charitable Activities

The Brotherhood focuses their donations on families with many children who have fallen into hardship through no fault of their own. Examples of non-bureaucratic and fast assistence are infinite. Here are a few:

17,1 Million EURO Donation since 1971

Seit 1971 haben wir in 11.150 Fällen mit 17,1 Millionen Euro geholfen. Ebenso durften wir in dieser Zeit bis heute über 22.000 Schwestern und Brüder aufnehmen...