The Buffalo Bucks sewobe 16. May 2024

The Buffalo Bucks

Welcome to the Buffalo Bucks. It’s great to see your interest. Here, we want to introduce you to another heartfelt project of the Ute Bock Refugee Project in Vienna: the Buffalo Bucks.

Imagine you’re Sila, a 7-year-old girl from Syria living in Vienna, dreaming of becoming a teacher. Since attending elementary school, she has made great progress thanks to the Buffalo Bucks, a free tutoring program for children with a refugee background. Not only has she learned to deal with letters and numbers, but she’s also a little hero, helping other children in her group wherever she can.

The Buffalo Bucks provide daily, German-language tutoring to currently support 45 children like Sila. It not only helps with homework and exam preparation but also offers social and educational support. But to continue this valuable work, the association needs your help.

The Buffalo Bucks are solely funded by donations. Every amount, no matter how small, enables the continuation of Sila’s tutoring and paves the way to her dream profession. Here’s a brief overview:

  • €229 covers the costs of Sila’s tutoring per month.
  • €2,747 supports Sila’s educational path for an entire year.
  • With €10,300, all 45 children receive education and hope for a month.
  • €30,902 allows this wonderful project to continue for a whole quarter.

We ask not only for your financial support but also to share Sila’s story. Talk to your friends and family about the Ute Bock Refugee Project on social media because every form of support helps the association continue this form of tutoring.

So that every child receives the same educational opportunities and dreams come true.

Thank you for your help! Thank you for your donation!

Photo credits: © Angelique Wallner, Marisel Bongola