Sindbad sewobe 16. May 2024


Mentorprogramm für Jugendliche Lauterach Jakob Sieber und Luca

Welcome to the landing page of the Brotherhood and Sindbad – the place where we accompany young people on their way to the future together.

Sindbad is not just a mentoring program; it’s a movement, a community, and a chance to sustainably improve the lives of socially disadvantaged young people. In a crucial phase of their lives, Sindbad offers a hand to students in the 9th compulsory school year who need it, an ear to listen, and a heart that beats for them.

Through the unique relationship between their mentees and dedicated young professionals or students, Sindbad creates not only a bridge of hope but also a path of personal growth for both sides. While young people learn to shape their future, Sindbad mentors further develop their social skills and experience the deep satisfaction that comes from genuine social engagement.

The Sindbad seasons start twice a year, in spring and autumn, with the next one starting in November 2024. It’s a journey of change, and you can be a part of it.

Whether you want to directly support young people as a mentor, help through donations, or set an example through corporate cooperation – every action counts. Every gesture of support brings us closer to our goal of creating a fairer and more inclusive world where every young person has the chance to fulfill their full potential.


Your contribution can work wonders:

  • Immediate impacts:

Your support enables direct changes in the lives of young people seeking guidance.

  • Expansion of reach:

Help us achieve our goal of promoting thousands of young people through Sindbad’s mentoring program.

  • Promoting social change:

Your commitment contributes to a world where equal opportunities are a reality.

How you can make a difference:

  • With a donation:

Every contribution helps set the course for a better future for young people.

  • As a mentor:

Share your experiences and knowledge and support the personal development of a young person.

  • Through corporate cooperation:

Show corporate social responsibility and support Sindbad on its journey.

Be part of this meaningful journey. A donation today is an investment in the future of young people and shaping a better world.

Your action today can make a difference.

For more information on how to get involved, contact us directly. We’ll connect you with the right contact person.