Nut-Free–Anaphylaxis sewobe 16. May 2024


Are you affected by peanut and nut allergies or do you know someone struggling with them? Then you’re in the right place!

The Nut-Free Network is wholeheartedly committed to supporting children and adolescents struggling with peanut and nut allergies – especially in life-threatening situations like anaphylaxis.

Already in October 2023 and December 2023, with your help, the St. Christoph Brotherhood successfully supported two families with severe anaphylaxis episodes. But that’s just the beginning! Currently, there is only one clinic in California that can sensitize people here with a 99% success rate that they can eat nuts again. The treatment lasts for 3 years and is very expensive.

In November 2023, “Nut-Free Network” started, the first association in Austria specifically supporting children and adolescents with peanut and nut allergies. Within the Tyrolean Oberland, 29 affected individuals have already been identified, all with the risk-bearing allergy form of anaphylaxis, which can trigger life-threatening reactions from the smallest traces of nuts.

The main goals of the Nut-Free Network are networking, educating, and helping. We create safe meeting places for families, promote social awareness, and offer psychological counseling. Our activities include nut-free events, workshops, public awareness campaigns, and individual support such as financing therapy dogs.

Your donation enables:

  • Community:

Organization of nut-free events to promote cohesion.

  • Support:

Psychological counseling by professionals to cope with fear and trauma.

  • Awareness:

Expanding educational efforts through materials and campaigns.

  • Individual assistance:

Financial support for specific needs of affected families.

Help us improve the safety and quality of life for children with this severe allergy. Support Nut-Free Network with your donation and become part of this important mission.