Mental Health Days – Suicide Prevention sewobe 16. May 2024

Mental Health Days – Suicide Prevention

Welcome to Mental Health Days – Your step forward in mental health promotion

In a world that increasingly recognizes the importance of mental health, we are committed to raising awareness, providing support, and breaking taboos. With the Golli Marboe initiative “Mental Health Days,” we aim to shed light on the challenges of mental stress and provide proactive solutions and financial support.

The Mission

We firmly believe that education and preventive measures are the key to better mental health. Through targeted action days, workshops, and seminars in schools, we address where the need is greatest: directly with young people, their teachers, and parents. Our goal is to create a strong network of knowledge and support that benefits everyone.

The Successes

  • Over 114 action days** in more than 70 schools nationwide in Austria
  • Over 35,686 reached students and apprentices**
  • 681 workshops** conducted on various aspects of mental health

Get involved

Every action counts. Whether you participate in our events, support us as a volunteer, or make financial contributions – your support makes a difference. Help us reach more young people and have a lasting positive impact on mental health in Austria.


Let’s break the silence together and advance mental health in schools. With the “Mental Health Days,” we create a safe space for young people to address their mental health. Your donation helps us promote awareness, break down prejudices, and equip young people with the necessary resources to address their mental challenges. Every contribution counts to establish a culture of understanding and mutual support. Help create an environment where everyone feels understood and supported.

Support options for mental health, specifically in the context of “Mental Health Days,” include workshops for students, teachers, and parents addressing topics such as bullying, body awareness, internet addiction, and more. The aim is to strengthen awareness of mental health, highlight information and support services, and foster a supportive community. The organization and implementation are carried out by the “Mental Health Days” team, relieving schools of this responsibility.